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  • The RASHA™ Technology uses Base-12 eternal code and mathematics to achieve "Consciousness-Coherence"

  • Helps to unblock and reprogram the morphogenetic fields of the epigenetic overlay

Ahimki Wholeness
  • Harmonizes and optimizes the autonomic nervous system for a deeper sense of inner peace and wellness

  • Creates a morphogenetic biological immunity to harmful frequencies such as cosmic radiation, G-waves, electrosmog and geopathic stress

Ahimki Wholeness


555 Sun Valley Dr Ste A-2, Roswell, GA 30076, USA


Phone:  (770) 552-4242


The Rasha

The RASHA™ Technology is a unique machine that helps you feel better by communicating with your body's DNA. It uses special codes and math to help your body work better and protect you from harmful things like bad waves and radiation. It can unblock and reprogram your body's energy fields, improve your nervous system, and create a biological immunity to harmful frequencies. The RASHA™ Technology is the only public sector Base-12, infrasound, scalar morphogenetic technology that is available to help you achieve "Consciousness-Coherence" and reclaim the potential of your Base-12 Eternal Human Blueprint. It's perfect for people who are health-conscious and value natural solutions. To use it, all you need to do is contact the business and schedule a session. Experience a deeper sense of inner peace and wellness with The RASHA™ Technology.

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