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What is Ahimki Mind Management™

A Simple & Easy to Learn Mind/Body Training Method

A Healing and Self-Development Method Affecting Mental and Physical Health

Ahimki Mind Management™ uses the natural

rhythms of the body to balance the mind and enables total well being and get the "thinking" out of the way to the brain stem can do its work. Our brain stem is critical to our health because it is the area of the brain that controls breathing, heart rate, stress response, and all the other many automatic functions of the body. By calming and emptying our thinking mind we are able to transcend the negative thought patterns and emotions that keep us constantly in a state of stress.

Training and Certification Program

Ahimki Mind Management™ helps with uncovering vast abilities that lie within our minds. It stimulates natural healing abilities, helps to manage stress more effectively, regains physical vitality, awakens creative potential, and helps to connect to your higher self.

Seven Goals of Mind Management

  1. Manage Stress

  2. Restore Energy in the Body

  3. Activate all parts of the Brain

  4. Develop Positive Habits

  5. Create more Happiness and Joy

  6. Expand Self-Awareness

  7. Improve Overall 


The 5 Steps of Mind Management Training

  1. Brain Sensitizing

  2. Brain Versatilizing

  3. Brain Refreshing

  4. Brain Integrating

  5. Brain Mastering


Certification Program

Now available is the Ahimki Mind Management™ Certification Program which trains you in the art of Mind Management. Successful completion of the Ahimki Mind Management™ Training and Certification Program will earn you the AMMC designation Ahimki Mind Management Consultant. For more information, or If you would like to become certified in the Ahimki Mind Management technique, our office at (770) 552-4242.

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