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Share Your - Story from the Heart

Dear Ahimki Center Friends:

Over the years we have appreciated hearing your sincere and heartfelt testimonials concerning the health benefits you have received from our center. Each of the stories has been as unique and special as each of you. We have received requests from our clients to place a form on our site so they may share their heartfelt stories with everyone. In response to these requests, we put together a form so you can easily submit testimonials and to help us provide even better services to our clients.

Your stories/testimonials will affectionately be called “The Ahimki Center – Stories from the Heart.” We encourage all clients, new and current, to help us with your feedback and if you wish, submit your unique and special story.

Please click on this link to access Stories from the Heart Testimonial Questionnaire. We are very excited that so many are eagerly awaiting to tell their Story from the Heart.

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